Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Zone Conferences

Zone Conferences --March 2009

Torreon Reforma/Torreon Mexico
B: Aguero, Rangel, Galovan, Williams, Cruz, Toledo (ZL), Miranda, Briggs, Lopez, Morales, Ponce, Gutierrez, Kunz, Kober, Sorenson, Grover
Fr: Hna. Moralez, Hna. Hernandez, Maldonado, Harris, Osuna, Shimata
Our zone leaders do a great job of presenting material to help the missionaries be more effective. Here Elder Kjar and Elder Strawn demonstrate how to use pass along cards to invite everyone to hear the gospel message. This is in the Torreon Reforma/Torreon Mexico Zone Conference.

The missionaries then work in groups of three to practice presenting. Here Elder Osuna is teaching Elder Galovan with Hermana Morales observing, along with their Zone Leader, Elder Strawn.

We developed a fun way to test their knowledge of church materials by playing "Jeopardy". Here Elder Strawn is the M.C. while Elders Noakes and Toledo assist. The categories were: Where in the World?, Preach My Gospel, Vamos a la Casa, and Music. The entire zone conference is always presented in Spanish.

This team tries to come to a consensus on the correct response .

We enjoyed nachos and cheeze for our after conference snack. Here Elders Shimata, Morales, and Miranda add a little more cheese.

Elder Knowles acts like he's never seen food before!

Companions Elder Perez and Basilio. This is the last ZC for Elder Perez.

Happy missionaries--Turley, Masterson, and Alvarado

Companions--Layland and Rios

Elders Molina, Torres, Michael, and Sanchez

Photos of more of our zones...
Torreon Jardin

B: Galt, Jimenez Moreno, Rodriguez Casas, Sulvaran, Olsen, Santana, Bautista, Perez Zarate, Mair, Chavez, Atwood, Avila

Fr: Zizumbo (ZL) Hna. Espinosa, Pres. Clark, Hna. Romero, Elder Maxfield (ZL)


B: Hurtado, Ventura, Miranda, Larson, Perez Juarez, Barton, Ruiz, Guerrero, Spencer, Pres. Clark

Fr: Velazco, Phillips, Mann, Stoor, (ZL), Hernandez Barrera (ZL)

Durango Mexico

B: Rincon, Ocampo, Blanco, Rios, Naumu, Clonts, Torgerson, Van Orden, Almarez, Kent, Libby(ZL)

Fr: Hna. Gonzalez, Pena, Jimenez Dominguez, Pacheco, Martinez Nahum, Carlson (ZL)

Durango Del Valle

B: Sheffield (ZL), Packard, Heffernan, Sepeda, Dishman, Moreno, Perez Labra, Cabrera, Guzman, Allen, Miliar, Hernandez Isaak

Fr: De La Cruz, Falk, Galeana, Carmona, Calleja, Vazquez, Roman, Santoyo (ZL)