Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zone Leader's Council--July 2009

Zone Leaders Council

Every six weeks, all the Zone Leaders in the mission meet at our mission home for two days of meetings as we plan the upcoming zone conferences.
These young men oversee the work of approximately 20 missionaries in their zones. (we now have 190 missionaries in the entire mission). They have a huge responsibility and take it very seriously. Here they are pictured during the Monday evening portion of our meeting.

A little family night fun gives them a break from their planning. Here great minds compete in a game of scrabble.
Food is always appreciated after a hard day's work. Elders Ruiz, Sheffield, Rincon, and Santoyo act like they've never seen chocolate cake before.

Happy campers...Elders Noakes, Maxfield, Kjar, Hunsaker, Strawn, and Moreno.

Elders Sheffield and Ruiz are the Zone Leaders in our La Laguna Zone. They look pretty happy to be eating baked potatoes.

Here are all of them posing for their traditional group photo. This is a great group and we feel blessed to be able to work with them to help make our mission better.
Back: Hernandez, Libby, Sheffield, Strawn, Noakes, Guevara, Lule
Middle: Ruiz, Von Bracht, Kjar, Maxfield, Rincon, Masterson, Stoor,
Sitting: Santoyo, Moreno, Pres. Clark, Zizumbo, Guzman
Floor: Carlson, Hunsaker, Clark, Mills

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Things that make missionaries smile....

Things that make missionaries smile...


Elder Von Bracht and Elder Lule (our assistants) are dressed in their whites as they finish filling the font. A mother and a daughter were baptized later that day.

Family and friends that greet them at the airport after their missions!

Elder Cabrera is greeted by four former sister missionaries from the Mexico Torreon Mission! Hermanas Martinez, Garcia, and Carpio served with us. The other sister served with the former president.

Actually getting rained on in Torreon!

Elders Jimenez, Chatu, and Lamb were caught in this downpour in Torreon's sister city of Gomez Palacio.

Sharing a bit of their mission experience with family nine months after their mission is over.

Elder Spencer Wallin with his parents and his sister Lizzy at the mission home.

Getting packages from home and sharing your Jelly Bellies with your friends!

Elder Shimata had a great time sharing with Elders Guevara, Reyes, Maldonado, Lomas, and Franco!

Greeting friends at interviews!

Elders Flores, Mills, Roman, and Grover--brothers in the mission.

Playing the game "Basta" at zone conference.

The zones from Zacatecas and Fresnillo play here! To play Basta, someone names a letter of the alphabet and teams must quickly write down a theme, a scripture reference, a question, and a committment and then yell "basta" first. (that means stop) They get points according to their answers and originality.

Getting suckers from Sister Clark and the Liahona magazine from church headquarters at interviews.

Elders Checketts, Ray, and Meza

Knowing that being a missionary is a once in a lifetime experience and that you should enjoy it while you can!

Elder Lomas only has seven weeks left to share the gospel message. He does it with joy!

President Clark and I feel so blessed to be able to work with these great young people as they share the message that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored through a prophet in these days. The light you see in their eyes is the light of Christ. If you want to find out more about their message, go to www.lds.org.