Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zone Conferences of June 2011

Zone Conferences, June 2011

Zacatecas Zone

F: Elders Hansen, Mercado, Molina, Tellez, Lopez, Rodriguez, Orr, Lambert

M:Dastrup, Astete, Ogden, Toone, Bean F: Lopez Ayala, De Olarte

Torreon Reforma Zone

B: Elders Gonzalez, Pack, Smith, Butterfield, Gomar, Pedraza, Scothorne, Peterson, Hernandez Balbuena. M: Garcia, Montes, Rivas, Hna. Gonzalez, Hna. Ortega, Hna. Clark, Pdte. Clark Hernandez Martinez, Lopez Tovar, Payzant F: Elders Navarette y Rodriguez.
Torreon Mexico Zone
B: Elders Welch, Day, Belnap, Beltran, Strong, Young
F: Zambrano, Perez Alarcon, Pineda, Hna. y Pdte., Burgin, Juarez, Portillo, Juarez Castillo

Torreon Jardin Zone
B: Elders Abbott, Thompson, Perez Monroy, Castellanos, Olea, Ramirez Leon, McBride, Gomez. M: Elders Ruiz, Sandoval, Hna. y Pdte. Clark, Hernandez Mora, Curiel, Quackenbush, Solis, Canul F: Elders Lopez Olguin, Barragan, Rivera, Paskett, y Cruz Ostria. (Elders Gollner and Romero not in photo)

Madero Zone

B: Elders Olvera, Rasmussen, Carrillo y Jensen

M: Elder Nicio, Hna. Maqueda, Hna. Clark, Hna. Palma, Pdte. Clark, Elders Avila, Sosa, Jimenez, y Carter. F: Elders Kennedy, Garcia Pineda, y Davila.

La Laguna Zone

B: Elders Soriano, Archundia, Polo, Lopez Juarez, Lyon, Porter, Jensen. F: Hna. Clark, Elders Anderson, Myers, Chavez, Hnas. Gutierrey y Garcia, Elders Fuentes, Miranda, Macedo, Vargas, y Pdte. Clark

Gomez Palacio Zone

B: Hna. Clark, Elders Rasmussen, Poot, Zenil, Limon, Alarcon, Inga, Neser, Cruz, Pdte. Clark, Lopez Lagunas. F: Elders Franco, Martinez, Tarabilda, Sorenson, Porter, Edwards, Lunt, Perry, Andersen, Seiter, y Diaz.

Fresnillo Zone

B: Elders Martinez Hernandez, Larson, Lecca, Andrade, Jones.

M: Elders Ayala, Levie, Ragland, Diaz, Rodriguez, Felix, Quintana, Gutierrez.

F: Hna. Cuba, Hna. Clark, Pdte. Clark, y Hna. Mamani.

Durango Mexico Zone

B: Elders Hernandez Olvera, Roderick, Pdte. Clark, Thompson, Oehler, Munson.

M: Hna. Clark, Hna. Baquerizo, Hna. Silva, Elders Vargas, Bickmore, Garcia, Jiminez, y Cortez.F: Elders Cooke, Mejia, Aguirre, y Malpica

Durango Del Valle Zone

B: Elders Gil, Harman, Ellgen, Wagner, y Gallego.

M: Pdte. Clark, Elder Krebs, Hna. Clark, Elder Garcia Pech, Guardia, Can, Hyer, Olmedo, Venegas, Thomas, Barfuss, Hansen, Sanchez y Uribe. F: Elder Hernandez, Calderon, Maxfield, Davis, Teran.

Our last Zone Leader Council

The first of June rolled around way too fast and we held our final zone leader council. To start the day off right, President Clark and those who wanted to run did their traditional laps around the neighborhood near the mission home. He is going to miss running with this group. Elder Carrillo, Elder Guardia, Elder Zambrano, Elder Jimenez, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Davis, Pdte. Clark, Elder Beltran, Elder Mills, Elder Welch, y Elder Belnap.
At 8 a.m. we had breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham, corn bread muffins, bananas, y juice. You can pay attention in the meetings better on a full stomach.

Elder Payzant was happy to participate for his first time on the council. He served as financiero of the mission before this assignment.

Elder Payzant with President Clark and I

Here is our entire zone leader council. They really look sharp.

B: Elders Davis, Zambrano, Rodriguez, Quintana, Castellanos, Andersen, Guardia, Lyon, Vargas, Malpica and Belnap. M: Cooke, Jones, Sandoval, Poot, Jimenez, Pedraza, Payzant, Mills, and Carrillo. Front: Our assistants, Elders Welch and Beltran with us.

These guys surprized us with beautiful watches with the mission name and our dates of service engraved on the back. Thewatches are wonderful reminders of all of our 470 missionaries that we had the privilege to serve with.

What a surprise!

Elder Beltran shows his exhaustion after completing his first zone leader council as assistant. He's figured out that it takes a lot of work to be an assistant to the President.

He and Elder Welch will welcome their new president and his family on Wednesday, June 29th.