Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leadership Training Seminar

Leadership Training Seminar--August 2010
Imagine our surprize when President Clark opened an envelop from church headquarters and learned that our lives in the mission would change in an instant. He said he was pretty comfortable in his routine but now, the directive changes our 6 week training cycle to a 3 month cycle with changes still happening every 6 weeks and zone leader councils every month. It sounds confusing but with a fresh calendar and lots of prayer and work, we are up and running. The best part of all is that we have wonderful new lessons to help the missionaries teach more effectively and rely on the spirit to direct them in their teaching. We held our first training for all of the zone leaders, district leaders, and trainers in the institute building here in Torreon. We holed up for 3 days straight in the upper floor of this beautiful building and went to work. We had all of our leaders come into Torreon for this and I figured that over a period of 5 days, I prepared or ordered 330 meals! Those who live in Torreon returned to their areas each night to practice what they learned and the others worked with local companionships in the afternoon and returned to stay in the mission home at night. All went well and we really are going to love these inspired materials.
President Clark did an amazing job of training the missionaries.

Elders Castro, Galeana, and Valencia practice.

Elder Perez Zaragoza, Elder Morales, and Elder Turley practice.

Elders Trujillo, Gutierrez, and Moreno

Elders Bouchard, Mair, Chatu, and Bonfil

Elders Heffernan, Kent, and Michael

President observes Elders Stevens, Hernandez S., and Miranda

Elder Adams is taught by Elders Carrillo and Falk

Elders Robinson and Ayala teach Elder Hernandez Lepe

Elders Kober, Layland and Clonts smile for the camera.

Elder Allen, Perez Labra, and Larson

Elders Robb, Van Orden, and Jimenez

Elders Ramos, Williams, and Grover

Elder Watson, Elder Lopez T., and Elder Abbot

Elders Marquez, Miliar, and Ponce

July 2010
The group was large--nineteen fine missionaries were ready to return home. We had quite a dinner with 27 present since two families came to pick up their missionaries. It took us 5 cars to get everyone to the airport the next morning. Now it's just a memory. The Mexican Elders from this group was the first group of missionaries we welcomed in Torreon two years ago. They have all been amazing. B: Briggs, Rodriguez Casas, Villela, Ruiz, Baustista, Roman, Chagollan, Mora, Martinez Trujillo, Santana, Orme, Meza. M: Hna. Cabrera, Gonzalez and Clark, Pdte. Clark, Elder Flores F: Barton, Stratton, Santoyo, and Hernandez Issac. (Elder Hernandez has already been called to the High Council in his home stake)
Elder Bautista and two of his fan club

Elders Flores, Santoyo, and Orme sing together one last time.

Elder Stratton enjoys a piece of cake with a family he taught and helped baptize.

Saying goodbye! Elder Nava, Elder Meza, a brother from their ward in Oriente, Elder Diaz, and Elder Richardson

Hna. Perez and Garcia say goodbye to Hermanas Gonzalez and Cabrera

The Santoyo family from Mexico is reunited after 2 years.

The Orme Family is only missing one now. They are on their way to pick up Jasos's twin brother from his mission in Peru.

Now, we get to start fresh with three great arrivals from the USA--Elders Porter, Payzant, and Mills. Welcome friends.


Hermanas Juntas (sisters together)
We treated our great "Hermanas" to lunch in two different groups according to their location. There are only 10 here right now and sometimes girls just need to get together and talk. Here are the 6 serving in the Torreon area: Hna. Lopez, Hna. Perez, Hna. Garcia, Hna. Clark, Hna. Cabrera, Hna. Silva, and Hna. Gonzalez. Hermanas Cabrera and Gonzalez returned to their homes in the July change. The group from Durango consisted of Hna. Palma, Hna. Velazqueaz, Hna. Ortega, and Hna. Escorcia.

June 2010
Three of our former zone leaders all left together in the month of June. Here are Elders Rincon, Zizumbo, and Hunsaker with Presidente Clark. One last pose with their companions... Elder Hunsaker, Elder Rincon, Elder Zizumbo with Elder Mair and Elder Martinez.
Elder Castellanos arrived 3 weeks late from the CCM en Mexico but he was well worth the wait!

Elder Toone was scheduled to arrive in April or May so we were especially glad to get him.
Our group of 5 from Mexico were strong and eager to get to work.
Elders Ramirez, Zenil, Martinez, Lopez, y Rodriguez

A big change

April 2010
Our group of outgoing missionaries for April was rather large. We had a great time visiting with them and sharing experiences from the last two years. The group of Americans was the first that President Clark and I met at the MTC when we were there two years ago for the mission president's seminar. That means we are really getting old in the mission! We hated to say goodbye to these great friends but they are now finding their way in the real world and are involved in school, work, church callings and finding their eternal companions. Good luck friends. Pictured below: B: Elders Hawkins, Rios, Slaugh, Osuna, Packard, Montoya, Sepeda, and Libby. F: Mann, DeLaCruz, Gonzalez, Lopez Cortes, Avila, Maygueyal,and Cano.
We welcomed one new American--Elder Smith from California
Sr. Morales also returned home. Here she is with President Clark at the airport.

Seven new Mexican Elders joined us: B: Elders Perez Monroy, Guardia, Obispo, Lopez Tovar, F: Elder Barcena, Solis y Felix
The outgoing group enjoying their "Cena de Despedida"
(farewell dinner)

March 2010
The Changing of the Guard--Elder Zizumbo (seated) has served as assistant to President Clark for several months. He will spend his last two changes as a "normal" missionary. Elder Moreno joins Elder Robinson as the new assistant. We received 6 wonderful new missionaries from the "Centro de Capacitacion Misional" in Mexico City. (That's where they spend 3 weeks learning how to be a missionary before coming to us) Below from left to right: Elders Mejia, Fuentes, De Olarte, Hna. Silva, Elders Montes y Malpica.
We were also blessed to receive 5 strong American missionaries from the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. Belos: Elders Jones, Okey, Cooke, Hansen, and Welch.

Elders Stoor, Lopez Melo, Castro, and Juarez Perez returned to their homes after 2 years of service. They have been missed.