Monday, September 1, 2008

All about Life in Torreon, Mexico

We've been in Torreon since Friday, June 27. All we can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you to two outstanding missionaries, Elders Huerta and Pogue. They were the assistants of the former President, President Hogan, and they have been our "trainers" as we have been learning the ropes of the mission. The Hogans met us at the airport Friday night and took us to a cute little restaurant called "Los Farolitos" for "vampiros". They're a taco with delicious meat and cheese in a tortilla. Their horchata is absolutely the best!

The Hogans spent Sat. morning showing us around and explaining all they could in 3 hours, then, they were off to the airport where the assistants and the office missionaries said their goodbyes and the Hogans were whisked back into "civilian life" so to speak. That morning, Glenys had her first medical call and the work began.

Bright and early Monday morning, Elders Pogue and Huerta took us for a hike to see the Cristo de las Noas, which is the main tourist attraction here. This beautiful statue of Christ stands on the highest point south of the city and is an impressive site, especially at night when it is lighted and can be seen throughout the valley. The statue is named for a desert cactus which grows on the hill. The statue measures 71.5 feet from its base and is the 3rd biggest Christ statue in Latin America, only smaller than the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Cristo de la Concorda in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

We spent the next few weeks learning, planning, and praying that we would do what was best for the mission. We met all the missionaries in a whirlwind tour and within two weeks, we met with them again for our first zone conferences. During one of our first trips throughout the mission, we encountered a major rainstorm on the very dangerous road between Zacatecas and Durango. The road was under construction so there was little shoulder on which to pull over when we realized that we had a flat tire. Elder's Pogue and Huerta showed their true colors as they hopped from the van in the blinding rain and put on our spare. It's a memory we will always cherish. They have been so much help to us.

We love the missionaries, we love the areas they work in, and we love serving our Heavenly Father in this great work!


  1. Dear Pres. & Sister Clark, This blog post is wonderful and really gives an insight to your specific mission and missionary work in general. Makes me that more excited for the time when George and I get to serve a full time mission. I look forward to that as much as I did to becoming a grandparent. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always! Fae Laurie

  2. Dear Pres. & Sister Clark, your blog is wonderful and gives great insight into your specific mission and missionary experiences in general. Makes me that much more excited for the time when George and I will get to serve a full time mission. I'm as excited about that as I was at becoming a grandparent. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Fae Laurie