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Who would imagine that the photo of these beautiful ladies would be about running? This photo is of President Clarks Mother, LaVonne, and our two beautiful daughters, Annette and Melanie. They are in front of LaVonne's prolific garden that she tends each summer in Ashton, Idaho. We have 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls. The boys enjoy being active, (Brian is a professional skydiver and pilot, Nate lives for snowboarding, and Spencer can hardly wait for the snow to melt so he can hike a different Utah mountain peak each weekend) but the girls have inherited their father's passion for running. Annette and Melanie both participated in track and cross country at Kearns High School in Kearns, Utah where they were part of state championship teams in different events and as individuals. Melanie attended Ricks College where she took second place in the NJCAA finals in the 800 meter run and went on to BYU to be part of many successful seasons of both Track and Cross Country. Annette ran for BYU for a year but had to step back because of persistent hamstring injuries.

Now that their college days are over, they have become interested in running marathons. President Clark has run in 29 marathons in his career. (which he plans to resume after the mission) Here Annette is shown stretching out after the Mesa Falls Half-Marathon in Bruce's hometown of Ashton. Annette and Melanie enjoying their medals and the grass after the Mesa Falls half marathon.

Here Annette is shown crossing the finish line of the Salt Lake Marathon in April of 2009
This was her first full marathon so she was pretty pleased to have finished well and still able to walk.

The girls decided to put their names into the lottery of the St. George Marathon and were chosen to participate, much to Dad's dismay. He is a member of the 10 year club but of course couldn't just stop what he is doing in Mexico and join them. They were kind enough to take this picture at the starting line the day before the race. Their sign says something like, "See you in 2011 Dad!They both had successful races until Melanie crossed the finish line and had severe cramping and had to be hauled by ambulence to the local hospital to have fluids replaced, etc. All turned out well, except the bill, and she may want to run that race with Dad in 2011. It may take her that long to have the mind set to try it.

Melanie looking sad in the Dixie Regional Medical Center

Let's not forget that she did win a medal!

This is Halle, Melanie's daughter running for Easter Eggs last year. Maybe this could be the start of another Clark family runner.

While in Torreon, President Clark runs every morning but not the distances required to prepare for a marathon. The Lala Marathon is run each March in Torreon and here President Clark is posing with some Lala Cows on display a week before the marathon.

It's a long way down to the shoes for this cow.

These two look ready for some Lala leche.

President Clark is inspiring some other young runners. Each Saturday, the Elders who work in the offices go to the Bosque park with him to run their laps as it is their day of preparation. This is a photo of some of our zone leaders who joined him for his Tuesday morning run near our home during the Zone Leader's council meetings. Pictured are: Elders Libby, Falk, Robinson, Stratton, Hernandez, President Clark, Santoyo, Orme, Mann and Zizumbo. I must say, President Clark is usually a bit in front of the pack as he tries to stay in shape so he can handle the rigors of the mission and be ready to train for the marathon in 2011.

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