Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 2010
The group was large--nineteen fine missionaries were ready to return home. We had quite a dinner with 27 present since two families came to pick up their missionaries. It took us 5 cars to get everyone to the airport the next morning. Now it's just a memory. The Mexican Elders from this group was the first group of missionaries we welcomed in Torreon two years ago. They have all been amazing. B: Briggs, Rodriguez Casas, Villela, Ruiz, Baustista, Roman, Chagollan, Mora, Martinez Trujillo, Santana, Orme, Meza. M: Hna. Cabrera, Gonzalez and Clark, Pdte. Clark, Elder Flores F: Barton, Stratton, Santoyo, and Hernandez Issac. (Elder Hernandez has already been called to the High Council in his home stake)
Elder Bautista and two of his fan club

Elders Flores, Santoyo, and Orme sing together one last time.

Elder Stratton enjoys a piece of cake with a family he taught and helped baptize.

Saying goodbye! Elder Nava, Elder Meza, a brother from their ward in Oriente, Elder Diaz, and Elder Richardson

Hna. Perez and Garcia say goodbye to Hermanas Gonzalez and Cabrera

The Santoyo family from Mexico is reunited after 2 years.

The Orme Family is only missing one now. They are on their way to pick up Jasos's twin brother from his mission in Peru.

Now, we get to start fresh with three great arrivals from the USA--Elders Porter, Payzant, and Mills. Welcome friends.

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