Sunday, October 3, 2010

August 2010--the change of all changes!

The month of August brought the necessity to send 19 seasoned missionaries to their homes to begin their lives "after mission". Because many of them had school committments, we sent them home in 3 groups so that they would not lose a full semester. Below, Elders Sanchez and Hurtado pose at the Torreon airport on the morning of their flights. They returned to their homes on August 2. On August 15-16, we enjoyed the brief company of our second August group who were returning to school which started August 26-29th. Here, Elders Porter and Hernandez Sanchez have one last photo taken with their companion Elder Martinez.
Elders Galvan and Heffernan goof around as they say goodbye to their companion, Elder Knowles.

Elder Benson was surprized by a visit from this family that he baptized in his first ward in Torreon. They are still strong members of the church and "how great is their joy".

The second group of August--10 in total, in their group photo. Elder Robinson, top right, was there as an assistant but he would also return in two weeks. B: Elders Martinez, Sorensen, Torgerson, Phillips, Robinson. F: Knowles, Benson, Galt, Harris, Atwood, Moynihan.

The third group left us on August 29th. They were either returning to work and save money for school or their school start dates fell later in September. Here Elder DeOlarte says goodbye to Elder Stevens. You can just see the love that they have for one another because they served the Lord and the people of Matamoros together.

The family Morales comes to say a last goodbye to Elders Richardson, Shepherd, Maldonado and Jimenez. We got a note from Elder Jimenez a week later saying he had been called to serve as 2nd counselor in the bishopric in his home ward! He didn't have a break, just a change of venue.

The group from areas Nazas and Industrial pose with the brother who brought them to the mission home: Elders Carrillo, Mills, & Beltran say goodbye to Elder Maldonado.

Group 3 at the Cena de Despidida...L to R:Maldonado, Jimenez, Richardson, Shepherd, Pdte. Clark, Kober, Robinson, Blanco and Stevens. In the background you can see the maps of Mexico and the United States that I recently made. They hold the photos of each missionary who has served in our mission since we came. They will be a wonderful keepsake for after the mission.

Group shot: B: Elders Jimenez, Stevens, Kober, Robinson, and Richardson. F: Elders Blanco (Peru), Maldonado, and Shepherd.

The next post will tell of the 24 new missionaries we received in 5 separate groups in September. These last two months have been challenging and full of change to say the least.

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  1. Dear President Clark, our son Kyle Seiter just recieved his call to serve the Lord and the people in Torreon. We are so very excited, and filled with anticipation. This will be our first missionary, and we have already felt a different spirit in our home and he hasen't even left yet! He will enter the MTC Jan. 26th, and paper work says he will leave for Torreon on Mar 27th. As a Mother, I fear the good-bye terribly, but how could it not be worth all the many blessings that have been promised. We look forward to our new journey! Jenifer Seiter(mom)