Monday, December 20, 2010

November 2010 Change

November 2010 changes!
Elder Rodriguez Cordova has his bags packed--excited to return to his family.

Ten missionarys enjoy their last meal together the Sunday before they depart early Monday morning. There is only time for yogurt and granola bars the next morning as we leave the mission home at 5:30 a.m. to get everyone checked in at the airport on time.
Elder Miranda and Elder Smith served together in Mezquital area of Durango so they became fast friends. Elder Smith is serving in the offices as financial secretary so he stopped in briefly to say goodby to his former companion.

Elder Falk will return to Utah with Elder Heffernan going back to Hawaii in January. Elder Castro will stay a while and hold down the fort.

Elder Marquez enjoys a visit from two families he worked with in Torreon.

The generation together for the last time...B: Elders Rodriguez C., Miranda, Pacheco, Guerrero, Morales C., Espronceda, Galeana. F: Elders Mera, Falk, Kent, and Marquez

At the airport!

Our assistants, Elder Gutierrez and Elder Robb, with President Clark and I in front of the Christmas tree.

Blessings from the CCM in Mexico City...B: Elders Hernandez, Gonzalez, Garcia, y Achundia. F: Elders Sosa, Rivas, Rodriguez, and Cortes. (Elder Lopez got separated from the group in the airport and had to catch a later flight.)

Elders Maxfield, Rasmussen and Barfuss--arrive on time from Salt Lake, California, and Michigan. (They have been in the MTC in Provo for 6 weeks)

Elder Nathaniel Hansen is greeted with a sombrero and serape at the airport. He hails from Kansas and is the first to arrive from our October group of 10. Better late than never.
Elder Spencer Jensen becomes #2 to arrive from the October group. Now, we are still waiting for 8 more. (posted Dec. 20)

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