Thursday, March 3, 2011

New missionaries for a new year...2011

With the start of the year 2011, our prayers were answered and we began to receive more missionaries from North America. The visas have been procured in many locations other than Salt Lake City and church travel is being creative in arranging travel to get us our missionaries! We feel so blessed to receive such wonderfully trained missionaries. Those from the north already are speaking really good Spanish and are hitting the ground running.
Elder Bean is from Oklahoma and Elder Ellgen is from Colorado. They travelled together to join us in the Mision Mexico Torreon.
On January 3rd, we were blessed to receive 9 missionaries from the CCM in Mexico City. Two missed their plane because of baggage issues and they joined us shortly after the end of our change meeting. Above on the back...Elders Olvera, Teran, Cruz, and Macedo. On the front with President Clark and I are Elder Ruiz, Elder Perez, and Sr. Cuba. (she is from Peru)
Elder Calderon

Hermana Baquerizo is from Equador

Within the week, we received the 4 North Americans scheduled to be here in January. This is a sign that our prayers are being answered. Elder Dunman from Arizona, Elder Abbott & Elder Tarabilda, both from California, and Elder Hyer from Utah.
They are now hard at work finding, teaching, and baptizing here in Mexico

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