Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surprise seminar in Cuernavaca--April 2011

Seminar in Cocoyoc

All the mission presidents in Mexico (23, soon to be 24) have a twice yearly meeting to share new information and be rejuvenated spiritually for the next six months. This year, the wives were invited to the spring meeting as the Area Presidency announced some exciting changes which involve the assigning of trainers for new missionaries. The meeting was held over the mountain to the south of Mexico City in an area called Cocoyoc. The property used to be a sugar plantation and was built in the 1600's. It was turned into a hotel property and has been beautifully maintained. Although the meetings took the majority of our time, just being with the other presidents and wives made the trip a pleasant change of pace and rejuvenated our spirits.

Hotel Hacienda Cocoyoc is in the state of Morelos near Cuernavaca. This area is called the land of eternal springtime so here is a sample of the flower beds in bloom in April.

One of the plantation buildings which has been turned into a banquet hall.

President Clark stands under a stone archway covered with the roots of a very old tree.

Muscle Man!

Just wishing we had the time to enjoy one of three pools...

We had most of our meals out doors. Here are the Villareals who serve in Mexico City and the Castenedas, who serve in Villahermosa. President and Sr. Casteneda are originally from our mission area. He was released as president of the Gomez Palacio Stake so that he could serve as a mission president.

President and Sr. Rex from the Puebla Mission

Our Area President and wife, President Daniel and Leann Johnson.

Sr. Hansen (Veracruz) and Sr. Heyn (Tijuana)

A view of the inside of the banquet hall.

The outgoing generation of mission presidents and wives together one last time. We will all return home in July. We are missing President and Sr. De La Cruz who spent the night in the hospital because of a worrisome chest pain. They are pictured below. (all is well)

Left to Right: Clarks (Torreon), Heyns(Tijuana), Nancollas (Mexico City North), Hansens (Veracruz) Rex (Puebla), and Velazco (Tuxtla-Gutierrez).

President and Sr. De La Cruz (Oaxaca)

Presidents Velazco, Heyn, and Clark, visit President De La Cruz to give him a blessing and bring him back to the hotel so that they can catch their flight to Oaxaca.

Here we are in front of the beautiful waterfall. Now it's time to get back to work, finding, teaching, baptizing, and building men out of 18-26 year old missionaries. It is a joyful work but it is work.

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