Wednesday, December 31, 2008

November 2008

Temples are sacred houses of worship for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Members throughout the world aspire to be worthy to enter these temples by their faithfulness in paying a full tithing (10 % of their income) living the Word of Wisdom (abstaining from substances harmful to the body such as tobacco and alcohol, and living the law of chastity. Ordinances which unite families together for all of time and eternity, are performed in the temples.

One of the highlights of the month of November, here in Mexico, was the rededication of the Mexico City Temple. People have been looking forward to this during the year and half of reconstruction. A cultural program was broadcast to all the stake centers on Saturday, November 15 and then the temple was dedicated in two sessions on Sunday, November 16th. We had 6 new missionaries with us for the weekend so we were privileged to accompany them to the morning session which was televised to worthy members in our stake centers.

When President Clark served in his mission in the SE Mexican Mission in 1970, there was not a single temple in all of Mexico. Now there are 12. This tells you how the church has grown in this part of the world. We are so pleased to be able to work with the great members, bishoprics, stake presidencies, and missionaries as they continue to build the church in the Torreon area. We pray that one day the people here will be blessed with their own temple.

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