Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our first Christmas in the Mission

We have just finished our Zone Conferences where we celebrated with the missionaries by having a nice dinner and a beautiful power point presentation created by our assistants which included photos of missionaries and those they have taught in their white baptismal clothes on the day of their baptisms. They selected the most moving, beautiful music and incuded pictures of the Savior and scriptural passages about baptism. It brought us to tears all 5 times we saw it. We truly love these 160 great missionaries and the work they are doing here. This is a Christmas we will always remember because we are able to focus more on the gift of the Savior and not so much on things of the world. How blessed we feel.

We enjoyed a little "giving" after the dinners. Sr. Clark had been doing a little "elf work" since October. (the Sister Missionaries helped her for a couple of hours on the day of their Sister's Together activity in October) She made personalized stockings for all the missionaries and filled them with a few goodies.

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