Saturday, May 8, 2010

Changes in April

Changes AGAIN! It is amazing how fast 6 weeks passes in the mission. We can do this!
President Clark poses with Hermana Morales at the airport as she says goodbye.

We welcomed 7 new, energetic missionaries on Monday, April 26th.
B: Elder Perez, Elder Guardia, Elder Obispo, Elder Lopez, F: Hermana and Presidente Clark, Elder Barcena, Elder Solis, and Elder Felix.

Adios amigos...B: Elder Hawkins, Elder Rios, Elder Slaugh, Elder Osuna, Elder Packard, Elder Sepeda, Elder Libby. F: Elder Mann, Elder De La Cruz, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Lopez, Elder Avila, Elder Maguayal, and Elder Cano!

Lasagna all way round. We loved working with these missionaries. The Americans were the first missionaries we met in the MTC in Provo as we were preparing to leave for our assignement. They joined us in Torreon later that summer.

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