Saturday, May 8, 2010

El Zapato de Oro--Golden Shoe Award

Each change, (every six weeks) zone stands out as a zone of excellence in their work. We have developed an award called the "Golden Shoe award". The trophy is an old tennis shoe that has been spray painted gold to represent all the steps the missionaries take each day to spread the gospel message. Along with the honor of earning the gold shoe, the missionaries in that zone are treated to a pizza party. They love it! Here are photos from the Torreon Mexico Zone and the Torreon Jardin Zone. The Fresnillo Zone and the Durango Mexico Zone have also been honored to this point. We hope to see each zone recognized soon.

Elder Welch doesn't like cheese but that didn't keep him from enjoying the pizza! He shared!

Elder Bonfil shows his excitement!

Elder Beltran uses "Salsa Valentina" liberally like all good Mexican missionaries.

The Torreon Mexico Zone has only 12 missionaries but they proved that though few, they are mighty.
L to R: Elders Robinson, Nelson, Ruiz (ZL) Moreno, Pdte. Clark, Bautista, Van Orden, Falk (ZL), Beltran, Bonfil, Welch, Villela, and Ponce.

The Golden Shoe Award

Members of the Torreon Jardin zone, one of our largest zones, admire the shoe.

President Clark presents the 'Zapato de Oro" to Elders Rincon and Stratton, the zone leaders

Elders Moynihan, Roman, and Martinez get into the spirit of the occasion in Torreon Jardin.

Pizza+Refresco = Happy Missionaries!

The Torreon Jardin Zone:
B: Lopez, Rodriguez C. Ray, Avila, Estrada, Larson, Navarette, Garcia
M: Mair, Atwook, Hernandez S. Rincon, Hnas Lopez y Escorcia, Elders Stratton, Calleja, Miliar, Moynihan, Martinez, Roman
F: Elders Mera, Franco, Glauser and Turley

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