Thursday, May 19, 2011

Missionary changes in May 2011

Changes of May 2011

Changes again! It seems like the just keep coming around. With this change, we sent 10 great missionaries home to enjoy their families after their hard work, and welcomed 17 new missionaries ready to find, teach, and baptize. Below, Sr. Ortega poses with Sr. Perez who will return to Mexico City the next day. Elder Trujullo says goodbye to members and missionaries alike at the mission home. His companion, Elder Jensen, was sad to see him go. From left to right...Elder Beltran, Elder McBride, Elder Gutierrez, Elder Jensen, Elder Trujillo, Elder Poot, a member from the Alamos Ward, and Elder Welch.
Since the change fell on Mother's Day, Elders Valencia and Barragan made me a beautiful paper rose. They have talent.

Elder Martinez has been serving as a zone leader with Elder Belnap. Elder Martinez poses with his companion and says his final goodbyes.

A family of members from Latinoamericana Ward brought Elder Valencia in to the mission home. Sr. Perez was so glad to see them and visit with them as she had also served in that area during her mission time.

Elder Marin signals "Victory" He served with honor and returned home the next day. He is from Acapulco.

Elder Estrada looks up from his homework assignment for Sr. Clark. All of the missionaries write a few words that describe their mission experience and what it has meant to them. They also add their contact information so that we can keep in touch.

The Last to speak. They always enjoy their lazagna meal on the night before they go home. We have ice cream sundaes after their testimony meeting. It all makes for a special last day in the mission.

Our veteran missionaries: Back: Elder Bonfil, Elder Marin, Elder Estrada, Elder Lara, Elder Trujillo. Front: Elder Castro, Hermana Perez, Elder Martinez, Elder Pacheco, and Elder Valencia.
Elder Franklin Smith Molina arrived separate from the main group of our missionaries the next day, as he and his sister, who began her service in Guadalajara, traveled together from the MTC in Lima, Peru.

We have been greatly blessed to receive this large group of 16 strong missionaries from the MTC in Mexico City all at the same time. No North Americans will be arriving until August so we were able to interview all of them and assign their areas that day.

Front: Elder Lopez Perez, Elder Balbuena, Elder Olmedo, Hermana Gonzalez, Elder Nicio, and Elder Gonzalez. Middle: Elder Alarcon, Elder Uribe, Elder Chavez, and Elder Lopez Olguin. Back: Elder Andrade, Elder Gomez, Elder Mercado, Elder Diaz, Elder Aguirre, and Elder Tellez.

Welcome to the Mission Mexico Torreon!

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