Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Training Program for New Missionaries

Training the Trainers

We had the opportunity to launch a new church-wide training program for our new missionaries this change. All the designated trainers were invited into Torreon to be with their new companions for instructions the day after our normal change meeting. This required a little creative arranging of sleeping quarters and a little extra food (ok, a lot of extra food) but after it was over, we really felt that the new missionaries would be getting a great benefit because of this new system. Each companionship with a new missionary received a curriculum for study and they will use an extra hour each day for companionship study. This will be accompanied by video instruction using the two sets of Preach My Gospel videos which are excellent. As an added bonus, they will be with their same trainer for two full changes, if circumstances allow. Below are photos of the before and after of our training luncheon. The table is ready for hungry missionaries.
Now this is a pot of a lot of hot dogs!

Condiments, anyone?

The calm before the storm.

Chow time. Elders Welch, Diaz, Perez, and ?? digging in.

Elders Balbueno, Lopez, Aguirre, Molina, Toone, Barragan, and Lopez O.

Elders Beltran, Welch, President Clark, Elders Payzant and Edwards.

Elder Munson, Sisters Ortega and Gonzalez, Elder Jones and Elder Lopez O.

Elder Maxfield,Rasmussen, Meyers, Chavez, and Gonzalez.

Elder Lambert and his new companion, Elder Tellez.

Elder Olmedo and his trainer Elder Ellgen.

Elders Uribe, Diaz and his new companion, Elder Gutierrez. Elder Gutierrez was released as Assistant to take on the important role of trainer.

Elder Toone and Elder Andrade

This fine looking group is ready to work together to create better missionaries in the Mission Mexico Torreon.

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